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Power Director MOD APK Latest 9.5.1 (Premium Unlocked)


 Power Director MOD APK

Today everyone wants to make perfect videos quickly and easily. In this age of competition in video making, everyone wants to make a professional video. For making stunning and high-quality videos Power Director Pro APK is the best mobile video editing App. If you are interested to create cinematic style and adventurous videos, so Power Director Mod APK- Video Maker is the most suitable choice for you. Power Director is an App that offers you all video editing features like adding music, titles, effects, transitions, backgrounds, filters, and emoji, etc.

If you want to become a social media star and want to go to the upper level in video making and editing then we can suggest a powerful video editing App that is Power Director. With the help of Power Director Pro APK, you can easily use its built-in stock library to add photos, music, and sounds while editing. After making a video, this Pro Videos Maker App provides you an opportunity to share it on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat to become a social star.


App’s Name:                     Power Director Mod APK
Size:                                    54MB almost
Version:                              9.4.1
License:                               Free
Download Options:           Google Play, APK
Category:                          Video Editor

 Power Director Pro APK (An Amazing Mobile Video ) 

 Power Director Mod APK is an amazing App. It is developed by This App is designed as desktop software to provide different functions of video editing. But it is also optimized for mobile devices with its latest version. Users can enjoy its editing while video making with their Android devices. With the help of the Power Director Pro APK Video Editor, users can edit videos immediately and easily. This App is available for all video creators to edit their videos. And everyone can avail themselves of all professional features in his/her cell phone. Every video editor can take video clips, cut and crop different scenes, add different designs, insert pictures and sounds, and can share videos online.

Power Director Pro APK with Professional Editing Tools

Adjust and Control:

Power Director offers you a feature to adjust and control each and everything while editing different types of videos. It provides you a tool to adjust and control video transparency, handle its rotation, adjust its position, and scale for a picture in a picture.

Editing and Export:

Power Director offers you to edit your videos according to your own choice without any difficulty. It helps you to adjust editing and gives you a chance to export your edited videos in up to 4k resolution.

Speed Adjustment:

Power Director provides you a chance to create different types of videos. It is the best App, which helps you to produce such types of videos which you can forward fastly. And with this App, you are also able to produce videos that you can forward in slow motion as well. This App helps you to adjust speed according to the video’s choice.

Animated Titles:

If you want to create eye-catching videos then Power Director is the most suitable App for you. With the help of the Power Director, you can choose a suitable title for your video. You have different options to choose a title for your video. If you choose an amazing and eye-catching title then the audience will be interested to watch your video.


With the help of the Power Director, you can avail yourself of different features. Chroma-Key is one of its amazing features. Chroma-Key offers you to adjust your video background. You can choose a unique background for your video with its green-screen editor.

Power Director Mod APK with its Unlimited Free Features                           

Share Videos Online:

After making and editing videos, Power Director Mod APK gives you a chance to share them online straightly. You can share your videos on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat with your friends.

Rotate Videos with Simple Taps:

With the usage of Power Director Pro APK and its different tools, you can trim and rotate videos with simple taps. You can rotate it in different ways. You can also crop your video according to your wish.

Control Brightness and Color:

Power Director Mod APK offers you another best feature to control brightness. While editing video you can control and adjust video brightness according to video demand. You also have the option to choose a color in video making.

Transition with Drag and Drop:

It offers you another tool like drag and drop. With this tool, you can pick a video from one place and shift it to its suitable place. You can make a video transition with a drag and drop menu.

Combine Videos:

It offers you another amazing feature to combine different clips and pictures in a video. By using multiple timelines, you can merge pictures and video in one clip.

Add Text and Graphics:

Power Director Mod APK helps you to add text and different writing styles to your video. It also gives you an option to enter different graphic styles in making your video professional. With the help of your graphic and texture experience, you can create a quality video for your friends and audience.

Interesting Background Music and Sounds:

Power Director Mod APK helps you to make yourself professional in the video-making and editing field. It gives you all opportunities to make a perfect and professional video. It offers you a valuable feature to add interesting background music and sounds in a video while editing. You also have the option to change music whenever you want. So with the help of the Power Director Pro APK, You can choose background music according to the listener’s choice.

Enjoy Unlimited Templates, Filters, and Effects:

Power Director Mod APK offers you hundreds of its free templates, styles, filters, and effects. You can choose and add different styles and filters to your videos to make them unique and amazing.

Ads and Distractions Free Editing Features:

Power Director Pro APK offers you a bundle of different ads and distraction-free editing features, which you can avail yourself of easily.

How to Download Power Director Mod APK Video Editor?

You can download Power Director Pro Video Editor latest version by following these steps given below:

  • Firstly, click on the download button from any link. Then the downloading process will be started.
  • It will take some time to download.
  • Once the downloading process is completed.
  • The next step is to click on the install button. 


  • You have successfully installed this app on your device. 
  • Now you can use and avail yourself of its all features.


From the above discussions, you all have an idea that Power Director Mod APK is the Best App for Video Editing. It provides multiple videos editing unlock features, which you can avail yourself of easily.

It offers you a lot of fun while video editing. When you start using Power Director Pro APK, then you will start to love this App. Finally, I just want to say to you that please try this App once in your life for making and editing videos.

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