Best Metro 2033 Redux Walkthrough 2022

In this article, we are going to discuss Metro 2033 Redux Walkthrough and we will discuss all achievements in Metro 2033 Redux. Metro 2033 Redux is a great game and it has millions of users from all around the globe. This is the most popular game among youngsters.

Metro 2033 Redux History

Metro 2033 Redux is a first-person shooter game and it is released in 2014. This game got popular in a little time and then there are two remakes of this game that come into the gaming world, Metro Last Light and Metro 2033. This game got huge success and grab the attention of the gaming community in no time. This game has millions of user bases from all over the world. Metro 2033 Redux provides you a true experience of Metro in falling snow.

Best Metro Game

Metro 2033 Redux is a great game in 2022. You can play this game with your friends and family in a more reliable way. Now Metro game is the part of the world’s famous game PUBG. PUBG game includes the METRO game in their game and users love this addition in PUBG. Now Metro got more famous with the help of the PUBG Game.

Metro 2033 Redux Chapters

Metro 2033 Redux has 7 chapters. If you want to get all your achievements you have to complete these 7 chapters. Chapter 1 is a lot easier because it is the introductory chapter of the Metro and 2nd chapter is a true start of the game where you can mess up with some monsters and villains in the game. The third chapter is a difficult chapter of the Metro 2033 Redux. 4th chapter is the most famous chapter and in this chapter, you can fight against the scariest monsters.

The 5th and 6th chapters are the moderate level chapters and then the 7th chapter is the great battlefield. Where you have the do and die situation. If you survive in the game then you got the all achievements of the game and you will win the game.

Metro 2033 Redux Achievements

There are a total of 49 Metro 2033 Redux Achievements and the total true achievements are 1893. The total time required to complete this game is approximately 25 to 30 hours. This is a great game to play in 2022 with your friends and family. This is the best game to pass your leisure time in this pandemic. Their other Metro game is available too but Metro 2033 Redux is my favorite game and I suggest you give it a try game you will definitely love this game.


How many chapters in Metro 2033 Redux?

There are 7 chapters in the Metro 2033 Redux. All chapters are scariest and have great fun in this game. If you want to get all achievements in this game then you have to complete all 7 chapters of this game.

How long is Metro 2033 Redux?

The time required to complete this game is 25 to 30 hours. You can complete this game in 25 hours if you are not interested in getting all your achievements. If you can focus on only completing the game then the minimum time is 25 hours. The required to complete all achievements is 30 to 35 hours.

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