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Download: Bed Wars Mod APK (Unlimited Gcubes-Keys-Money)


Bed Wars Mod APK Specifications:

Name:                      Bed Wars Mod APK
Size:                            149MB
Latest Version:          v2.6.1
Downloads:             50,000,000+
Developer:               Blockman Go Studio
Required:                Android 4.1+
Category:                Action/Adventure

Bed Wars Mod APK

Bed Wars is an action game. It is owned by Blockman Go. Bed Wars is developed by Blockman Go Studio like other games. Bed Wars Mod apk is considered the latest version of Minecraft with content revolving around the battle of beds. You have to protect your bed and destroy other’s beds to win the final victory. Bed Wars APK Mod brings many players together in Blockman Go to play. It is a team-based PVP game. The player needs to defend the base of the bed. Each player uses all resources and equipment to destroy the opponent’s bed to win this game.

If you know about Egg Wars and you have played it, you will find that Bed Wars is also similar to Egg Wars. However while playing Bed Wars, Instead of protecting Eggs you have to protect your bed. Bed Wars Mod APK is an interesting game in which 16 players are involved. All players are divided into 4 teams. All these players were born on 4 different islands and each island has its base with a bed. These islands will produce diamonds, gold, and irons for you. Bed Wars Mod is an amazing game. Whenever you play it, you will feel it like Blockman Go.

Bed Wars Game’s Mission:

Bed Wars is an adventurous game. This game has a clear mission. You have to protect your bed and try to destroy your enemy’s bed on the island. You have to beat all your opponents to win the final victory. For beating your opponents, you can collect resources, find different places to store them. You can also collect precious materials for using them to craft armor. For destroying the beds of other players, you have to create bridges to other player’s islands.

Each island has irons, gold, and diamonds, which you can collect and use to exchange for merchants, equipment, and weapons. You can also use equipment and blocks to collect more resources on the central island. These resources can be utilized to destroy beds and kill enemies. Only the last survivor will win the game.

Features of Bed Wars Mod APK:

Followings are the main interesting features of Bed Wars Mod APK:

  • Enjoy unlimited money
  • Collect unlimited coins
  • No ads disturbance
  • Unlocked all premium features
  • Unlocked all different levels
  • Unlimited Gcubes

How can you Play Bed Wars Mod?

Bed Wars is one of the best games in many years. It is a team-based game in which you and your teammates will fight together. The main purpose of this game is to protect your bed. In this game, you will appear on an island and each island has its bed. Your task is to defend your bed by using all resources and materials. You have to create a bridge on another’s island to destroy your opponent’s bed. If you survive to the last stage, then the final victory is yours.

How to Download Bed Wars Mod APK?

From the above-mentioned details, it has been clear to you that Bed Wars Mod is a team-based game, which is owned by Blockman Go. 

For playing this game, you have to download and install Blockman Go on your device first. When you have installed Blockman Go, then you can play Bed Wars Mod APK under the Blockman Go platform. So, I recommend you to download Blockman Go Mod first on your Android device to explore and play Bed Wars. I suggest you try Bed Wars, it is the most suitable choice for you to play.


Bed Wars Mod APK is an interesting game. In this game, players participate in a battle with their teammates to protect their base and fight with their opponents. Bed Wars gives a chance to its players to show their skills and ability to work with team spirit. So we can say that in your free time, you can play this game. Bed Wars provides you a comfortable environment to ease yourself.

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