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2ndLine APK Specifications:

Name: 2ndLine
Category:                    Free Communication App
Latest Version: 
Available on:              Google Play
Required:                    Android 6.0+
Op. System:                Android
License:                       Free

What is 2ndLine APK (Second Private Phone Number)?

2ndLine is an App that gives you a second phone number on your smartphone to work internationally. It gives you a chance to make a call and send messages abroad from your second number. 2ndLine APK allows you to let you make a call to your friends and family from your second number in the US and Canada. You can use this app on your Android device like a smartphone, tablet, etc. 2ndLine Video Call App is introduced for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. By using this app, you can make calls and messages from your Android device you have.

For making calls abroad, you need a WiFi connection or your existing cellular network. When you install the 2ndLine App on your smartphone, you can easily connect with your friends, colleagues, and family members by giving your phone number. You just have to enter your second phone number in this app then, you can easily avail of its all-calling features.

To get a local second phone number, you have to choose your local area code. Then you can get a temporary local phone number with the help of the 2ndLine Pro APK. 2ndLine Second Phone Number is most useful for working purposes. the 2ndLine is useful to those who need a second number for work. It helps you to secure your conversation by applying a password to the chat and call log.

Why is the 2ndLine APK Second Phone Number Useful?

Due to the following reasons discussed below, the 2ndLine Phone Number is more useful for all:

Unlimited International Calls:

This app offers you to make many voice and video calls to people living in the US and Canada. You can make calls to anyone without any limitations.

Cheap International Call System:

With the help of 2ndLine, you can make a bundle of low-cost international calls. You can also get a chance to add money to your account by completing different offers.

Send Picture Messages and Videos;

2ndLine offers you to send picture messages to your friends. You can send your pictures to anyone privately. If you want to share any video with your family then 2ndLine provides you a platform to send different videos to them.

Background Setting:

By using 2ndLine App, you can set the background for the chat log according to your wish. You can also select text tone, ringtone, or vibration from different setting options easily.

Lock and Key Facility:

2ndLine provides you security precautions. It helps you to keep your text and chat under strong lock and key. So you can secure your private chat from anyone.

Quick Response:

2ndLine App is the best App in quality. If you have a proper internet connection, then you can respond quickly to anyone by using this App.

No Need to Remember Password:

When you install this app on your device, Google smart lock is active on your device automatically. So you don’t need to remember any password, because Google will notify you whenever you need it.

Add Signatures:

For making text style attractive, you can add your signature in texting. By adding a signature, your message will leave a good impact on the receiver’s mind.

Voice messages and emails:

With the help of 2ndLine, you can send and receive voice messages and recordings. You can also send voicemails like voice transcripts to anyone.

Private Phone Number:

This App provides you a personal number. So you can connect with your friends by giving them your private number.

What can you Avail by using 2ndLine APK?

  • You can sell and purchase anything online.
  • You can take help in any field from experts.
  • You can also apply for a job.
  • You can use this number for business purposes.
  • You can get a facility of Uber taxi.
  • And so more…….

Subscription Charges for 2ndLine APK (Calling App):

2ndLine Phone Number App is free to download and it gives you a second private number. To avail all the above-mentioned features, you have to bear subscription charges according to the time limit. 

Following are its main subscription charges:

  • 1-week subscription US$7.99
  • 1-month subscription US$ 14.99
  • 3-months Subscription US$29.99
  • 12-months subscription US$99.99

Credit Facility:

2ndLine APK offers you a credit pack with different amounts of credits. This credit can be used for SMS and Calls. This credit balance will be added to your account after the purchase deduction.


From the above-mentioned details, it is concluded that 2ndLine APK Second Phone Number is an amazing App, that helps you in almost every field. With the help of this App, you can connect with anyone remotely whenever you want and wherever you want. So try it once in your lifetime.

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